MaPrimeRénov' is an energy renovation aid

Since 1 January 2022, the new single public service France Renov', set up by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, has been supporting homeowners, in particular, wishing to carry out energy renovation work in their homes. Provided for in the framework of the climate and resilience law, the Habiter mieux sérénité aid will become MaPrimeRénov' Sérénité. This aid provides advantageous financing:

1. up to 50% of the cost of the work, capped at €30,000,

2. a minimum energy gain of 35%.

This energy transition bonus operates according to the following main principles:

It is accessible to all owners and co-owners, whether they are occupants or lessors;

It is granted for equipment and work on heating, insulation, ventilation and certain services;

It must be applied for before the work begins, and is paid on completion of the work;

its amount is modulated according to the household income and the nature of the work.

In addition, a decree published on 30 December 2021 introduced some changes from 1 January 2022.

The financing of work aimed at reducing energy consumption in the home is now reserved for homes built more than 15 years ago (as opposed to 2 years ago), and on condition that they are occupied for at least 8 months per year (as opposed to 6 months previously). This change does not, however, affect applications for a subsidy to replace an oil-fired boiler, which are still open to homes that are more than 2 years old only, provided that these applications are accompanied by the removal of an oil tank, which can also be financed.

This bonus is therefore open to all owners, regardless of their income, whether they occupy or rent the property to be renovated.

However, it should be noted that if you wish to benefit from MaPrimeRénov' as a landlord, you must undertake to

° to rent your home as your main residence for a period equal to or greater than five years (calculated from the date of payment of the renovation premium)

° to inform the tenant of the work financed by the premium

° in the event of a rent revaluation, to deduct the amount of the subsidy from the total amount of the work justifying this revaluation and to inform your tenant of this.MaPrimeRénov'
is also available to co-ownerships for work in common areas.


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