Selling your property can quickly become a time-consuming and stressful process. Thanks to its expertise in the property market and very strict regulations, selling your property with the help of a professional will allow you to sell your property more quickly and with greater peace of mind.
We explain why:


Selling with an agency means above all taking advantage of its network.

Agencies have a large client portfolio offering a wide choice of potential clients and therefore of purchase offers.
But it also means taking advantage of a network of trusted professionals: property photographers, diagnosticians, craftsmen and interior designers, notaries, etc.

These are essential professionals whose services can quickly add up. The costs of advertising and the photographer are services included in the services of an estate agency and you can even negotiate the payment of compulsory property diagnostics.


Estimating the real value of your property is not always easy. It requires a thorough knowledge of the current market. Several elements are taken into account in the valuation of your property: characteristics of the property, the general condition of the property, the location, the demand, etc.

Estimating a property at the right price guarantees a quicker sale of your property.


The real estate professional masters all the stages of the sale, but also the regulations in force.
They accompany you throughout the entire sales process: from the time the property is put up for sale to the time it is signed, and even afterwards, depending on the agency.

The real estate agent is responsible for putting your property up for sale with optimum visibility, managing visits, ensuring the solvency of the buyers, administrative follow-up and checking the technical and compulsory steps of the sale with the notary, etc.
The agency's objective is to sell a property in the best possible conditions, within the best possible timeframe and to offer you the guarantee of a secure transaction.


With the exception of the investments you can make in your house or flat to increase its value, all the services of an estate agency will cost you almost nothing. This is because the estate agency is paid on commission. This means that you are not obliged to pay anything and that you will only pay the agency fee in the event of a sale. The fees are payable when the deeds are signed. You should know that these fees may even be payable by the buyer.

Selling through an agency will not cost you more and in addition to saving you time and visibility, it can even save you money.

These are all important advantages that allow us to provide you with a complete support and a personalised service that will allow you to sell your house, your flat or your land with complete peace of mind.


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